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Freedom of Nature collection

The creator of these photos is a friend of mine, a young girl from a small town, ambitious to do art. Things are hard to find in the small town. She has the power to create and indulge in life. Nature gives strength to many people. The girl creates pictures with cheap equipment, paints with her fingers on the phone using an application, but despite all the difficulties she did not give up creating. And she is here to show and delight you with her art, shared through me. We have common interests and work together to achieve our goals, and subsequently you get the "Freedom of Nature collection". Because nature is not just a landscape for a photo, but a way of life. Live and never give up on your goals because everything is possible only if you ask.

Lavender field #1
Lavender field #2
Lavender field #3
Lavender field #4
Sunset Vibes #1
Sunset Vibes #2
Sunset Vibes #3
Sunset Vibes #4
Sunset Vibes #5
Sunset Vibes #6
Sunset Vibes #7
Skaklia waterfall
Waterfall #1
Waterfall #2

Snapshots collection

Snapshots Collection is composed of photographs taken at a moment in our everyday life. With a little Photoshop. Quick and simple. No matter where or when. Whether from home, from vacation, from the market or just a walk in the woods. Does not matter. Simple creative inspiration delivered to you in the form of NFT.

Car Interior

Automotive portraits

''Automotive portraits'' is for enthusiasts with petrol in their blood, who loved high speeds and get a thrill from seeind some of the best automotive engineering ever created. ''Automotive portraits'' includes from regular car to hypercars even trucks, tractors and more.

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